VDL USA, Inc is the center of all North American activities surrounding sales, service and spare parts of VDL Packaging and VDL PMB. In addition to these activities, VDL USA, Inc provides logistics support for multiple other companies in the VDL Groep by supplying equipment and components throughout the United States of America, Mexico & Canada.

VDL Locations in the USA

Our center of operations is our dedicated warehouse in Richmond, Virginia. With this facility in Richmond we have 6 locations in de US. Gainesville (Georgia), Detroit (Michigan), Spartanburg (South Carolina) en two companies in Fremont (California) are the first five companies of VDL Groep in America. With these 6 locations, VDL strives to think global and act local to fit your needs.


The history of VDL USA, Inc. started with PMB in 1935 in the Netherlands with machines designed and manufactured for the Cigar producing industry.  Ever since, numerous successful installations around the globe, varying from single hand type units to highly sophisticated systems, have been a major part of the PMB's business. the letters PMB stand for "Patent Machine Bouw". The North American presence was established in 1980 with the opening of the facility in Richmond, Virginia. This division has since then been expanded to an over 22,000 square foot facility, supporting activities in sales, service and parts for the Northern American markets.

In 1985 the PMB-Group, now called VDL PMB-UVA bv., diversified into packaging machinery manufacturing through the acquisition of UVA which had experience for already 30 years. The assortment of UVA, abbreviation for "Universele Verpakking Apparatuur" (Universal Packaging Equipment) was focused on vertical form fill and seal machinery. With the acquisition of Servotech S.A., in 1992 UVA provided access to high tech packaging markets with servo driven machinery for the food and nonfood markets.

In 2003 VDL Groep purchased PMB-UVA International B.V. and extended once again their position in the supply chain for machinery and equipment.

As of 2003 PMB-UVA Inc. has changed their name to VDL USA, Inc. supporting all VDL Activities for the Northern American markets.

2021, VDL PMB-UVA is a VDL company with two brands in one name PMB and UVA. We believe in the power of both brands and empower them to become stand-alone under a new name.

We welcome VDL Packaging and VDL PMB 

VDL PMB is a subsidiary company of VDL Packaging bv

VDL Packaging

For over 80 years VDL Packaging has set the standard in Vertical Form, Fill and Seal machines (VFFS). UVA Packaging is a household name in the packaging industry, with an extensive track record and experience in a wide variety of market segments all around the world. Our modular platforms, designed and built in-house with only the highest quality components, resulting in a >98% up-time and premium quality bags & pouches that are unmatched in the market.

VDL Packaging is known for its tailor-made solutions that never compromise on quality. The customer is at the heart of our organization and we strive to give our customers the advantage in their respective markets. We do this by not only innovating in both packaging efficiency and flexibility but also by advising and providing insights into global trends that together provide the perfect solution for you.

At VDL Packaging we love a challenge, and we invite you to have a look at our website and get in touch with us to see how we can support your packaging needs.

PMB Tobacco

The competence of our organization is the combination of great flexibility and more than 50 years of experience in Tobacco. We enable technology together with customers and offer value-added solutions to your needs.
VDL PMB has customers all over the world, including many multinationals. Our sales engineers, with practical application know-how, can advise you about our machinery and also additional equipment and if required complete production lines. We can deliver turnkey solutions that include installation and service by our service engineers.

VDL PMB is aware of the importance of uptime of production equipment. This reflects on the quality of the components we choose for our machines, but also our hands-on service organization and fast spare part delivery at competitive prices.

Headquarters of VDL PMB is located in Eindhoven (Netherlands) and responsible for development, production, service and sales. Our office in Richmond (USA) is supporting activities in sales, service and parts for the Americas, Canada and Mexico. This North American presence was established in 1980 with the opening of the U.S. facility in Richmond, Virginia.